UK and Spain are our initial markets due to the favourable fundamentals behind unsubsidised renewable energy generation and scalable market opportunities. Value Renewables and ISEG are targeting to develop 500MW of wind and solar projects by 2025.


  • UK is predicted to add up to 80 GW(1) of new solar capacity to meet its net zero target by 2050.
  • Commercially viable grid connection capacity is one of the biggest bottlenecks before developing solar plants in the UK.
  • We have identified the regions with available grid connection capacity in line with our timelines and started securing land in these areas.


  • Spanish renewables market is the fastest growing in Europe and is expected to add an additional 15 GW of wind and 20 GW of solar capacity by 2030 (2).
  • We have identified and started the process of securing land for a 120MW wind project in north west of Spain and 100MW of solar projects across various regions.

(1)Atkins (2)INECP

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